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[tutorial] - How To Use Kaillera


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Kaillera is an internet client that allows you to play your favorite roms for arcade, genesis, nintendo, and many other online against friends or strangers. This can result in much fun and bragging rights


To start up your kaillera fun: You must first download the emulator that supports the kaillera client.


1. a) Many emulators can be found Here.



b ) Many people use the mame emulator for kaillera. However, they rather use

the v0.64 Version rather than the v.067 version. You can download the V0.64

Version Here! (Special thanks to EmuxHaven)


2. Unzip all the files you got into a separate folder or the same folder as you

exisiting mame directory


3. I assume you already have roms. But if you dont. You can go the following places.




4. Now that you got your roms, and you configured your controller (press tab in

game and hit the first menu and you can configure the keyboard from there).

You're ready to enter our hub!


5. You can either look for "Disoblige's Hideout" In the server list by hitting the

Name tag to organize it, or you can pm me for the ip address.


6. When you're in the hub. you can set up your own games and join others.


7. Have fun and we'll see you there!


----------Alternate Method (Gens but still same)-------------






1. Open up your Genesis Emulator


2. Click File > Netplay


3. Wait for the whole list to load


4. Click on the Name Tab so it is organized!


5. Wait For server list to load!


6. Double Click It!


7. Now You can start playing Online!


8. Just make sure you both have the same emulator and rom so it doesn't Desynch!

(Meaning you're both at two different Places at once)





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