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People Who Need Help

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Which I assume means, English is not my first language.


I'm also assuming you acknowledge that English is spoken outside of the US? I realise we don't have as good a grip on it as you American folks, but we try our bestest :)


In Australia we speak kangaroo.

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I echo what KB said earlier; I loathe people who refuse to do any research themselves before asking for help (even if the stuff they read goes over their heads a little or a lot).


I respect people who come in asking for help stating that "I read about *this* and *this* regarding the use of emulator/rom/thing X, but I didn't really understand it all too well, so would you mind helping me out here?"... I tip my hat to these people, and gladly help them. Too bad they account for less than 1% of the total number of people on the Internet.


And some people just don't listen, even if their native language is English.


As far as the language thing goes, the Germans and the French seem to be the ones having the most trouble conveying their message across an English-speaking message board. I blame their homogenous society language-wise, the utter refusal in some cases to allow multi-lingual diversity, and the chauvinism relating to their own culture. Sure, I could be wrong, but that's what it seems to me.


The next in line are the Spanish and Russians.

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i Say why not help them?


Like said before, most Tuts and Docs are written in English, and for someone that doesnt speak english, its a bit of a problem.


Then you add the fact that maybe that person also isnt very computer savy either, so they need a quick short explanation on how to get what they want.


Something that sounds so simple as playing Megaman X6 for PSX is quite complicated if you dont know much about emulators, not to mention if you arent too familiar with computers aside from word processing and emails etc.


And i kind of agree about the lazy bastards who dont do research but ask, but i think the reason for that is that they DID do SOME research, came across a forum that has similar topics, found that the people there are very knowledgeable, and are asking for the full support of the forums.


Ive been there, and ive learned alot from it as well, yet i speak english fluently.

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