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PvPGN (Battle.net/Westwood Online) Server

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I got bored, I put together a PvPGN server.


Server Details and Instructions


Server address: pvpgn.game-server.cc


Battle.net Instructions


You will require the Battle.net Gateway Editor below. Open it, following the instructions for the game you wish to add a gateway for (See below), name the gateway what you will, enter the server address and for zone, use 5.


Battle.net Gateway Editor - BNGatewayEditor.rar


Officially Supported Battle.net Games

  • Diablo 2 + LOD Expansion
  • Starcraft + Broodwar (Broodwar untested by me, but should work by default)

Diablo 2/Diablo 2 LOD Instructions


The Diablo 2 server supports Open as well as Closed games, Standard and Hardcore Ladders in both regular and expansion modes.


If you would like to play Diablo 2, you will require Diablo 2 and (if you wish to play with expansion characters etc) the Lord of Destruction Expansion. The latest patch 1.12a and the Battle.net Gateway Editor.


Note - If you install LOD over an already patched Diablo 2, you WILL need to apply the patch for D2+LOD as well.


Diablo 2/LOD 1.12a Patches


You will need to add a gateway in the Battle.net Gateway Editor, under the Diablo/Diablo 2 tab, with the above information.......calling the gateway whatever you wish. Close it, and it will be saved in Diablo 2's settings in the registry.

Then you simply fire up Diablo 2, select this gateway and connect like you would to Battle.net.


Create an account, and off you go.


Starcraft/Broodwar Instructions


Broodwar is not required, and is infact untested by me as I only own the original game. Broodwar should work just fine however.


You will need the latest Starcraft patch, or the Starcraft+Broodwar patch if you have both installed.

Note - Just like Diablo 2, you will most likely have to repatch your game if you install Broodwar later.


Starcraft/Broodwar 1.15.2 Patches


Use the above Battle.net Gateway Editor, and add a gateway iunder the Starcraft tab calling it whatever you like, using the details above. Close it, fire up Starcraft/Broodwar and select this gateway in multiplayer and click on Battle.net.


Create an account (if necessary, the one you made in Diablo 2 will work, if you made one there) and start playing.


Westwood Online Instructions


These instructions cover ALL Westwood Online clients, and only need to be done ONCE aside from patching your game to the latest version (See each games instructions for links etc). You MAY need to create another account if you have one already, and the username is too long. Westwood Online has a shorter limit on usernames compared to Battle.net.


Westwood Online support is still experimental in PvPGN, although stable. Your HOSTS file will need to be modified to connect to my server. I am providing a modified HOSTS file that you can simply replace your existing one with, or you can open it in Notepad and copy the necessary lines over to your existing HOSTS file (Recommended if you have modifications already in your HOSTS file).

Most antivirus software will go nuts if your HOSTS file is modified, so either disable yours temporarily, or have it ignore the current action for the time being.


Your HOSTS file can be found in the following places depending on your operating system:


Windows 95/98/ME: %WinDir%\ (Your ROOT Windows directory)


Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista: %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\ (SystemRoot is where Windows is installed)


Linux and other Unix-like operating systems: /etc (You should know this, and this only applies if you are running something like WINE)




Officially Supported Westwood Online Games

  • Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun (Gameplay untested as of yet, require second human player. Firestorm SHOULD work in the SVN build I'm running, but I have yet to try. BETA!)
  • Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 (v1.006 required)
  • Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge (v1.0001 required. Completely untested as of yet. BETA! Report if it works please!)
  • Command & Conquer Renegade (v1037 required. Gameplay untested, I have however started a game with no issue, but sat waiting for another player. BETA!)
  • Dune 2000 (v1.06 required. Completely untested as of yet. BETA! Report if it works please!)

Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Instructions


You will require the latest patch for this game, found here. Please download the one for your region.


Once in game, select INTERNET. Enter a username and a password, and hit OK. DO NOT hit New Account, this doesn't work. Just hit OK with your selected login and password, and it should take you back to the main menu. Select INTERNET again and hit OK, and you should successfully log in (Your password IS saved).

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I got it to work over here. I had to connect via open battle.net mode to be able to connect to your server. Well, I'll take a look around some other time. Hope some other 1emu people join up on this.

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Hmm I have no problem entering closed, either locally or using my outside address. Can you tell me what the issue appears to be?


Also, there are 2 other accounts on the server now. Let yourselves be known!

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I don't mind joining but you guys will have to let me know when you're on and want to quest- I've played the D2 SP more times already than I care to remember.


I'm working nights right now (12 hour shifts, with a little over an hour travel), so I don't have time to play until Friday afternoon.

After that, I'll be available whenever, just drop a line in IRC.

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Turns out I need to use address translation, even though I'm on a direct connection to the internet (Odd even considering the file itself states it's not necessary)


Closed mode now works properly. Thank you for your patience and help Diso!

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Officially supporting Starcraft/Broodwar now. Broodwar is untested as I don't have it, but it should work.


Also supporting Westwood Online (BETA!) and I have tested login and game creation in Tiberian Sun, but have not yet actually started a game (Require a second human player).

Other supported, but untested games are: Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge and Dune 2000. See first post for more info.


Moved thread to online gaming forum, just wanted to get everyones attention in The Lounge.


Newer version of Battle.net Gateway Editor added to first post.

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Diso was on D2 with me the other night, I'm around right now if you'd like to play something.


Spread the word elsewhere, so we'll have others to play with. I already cloned the original post on my forums.

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