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PvPGN (Battle.net/Westwood Online) Server

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Same here... I don't seem to be able to download attachments from this topic either. Could someone please just copy/paste the text from the hosts file and post it here?


Edit: It seems I missed BlackKnight's post...

Well I just checked the HOSTS file I downloaded here against my original (which I backed up). I'm definitely using yours.




#Westwood Online PvPGN addresses


pvpgn.game-server.cc irc.westwood.com

pvpgn.game-server.cc gameres.westwood.com

pvpgn.game-server.cc servserv.westwood.com

pvpgn.game-server.cc apireg.westwood.com

So I just copied those over now... Now let's hope this works ;)


Bah, it seems I also missed AkihiroZi's post saying the server went down... Any hope for it to come back online?

Alternatively, maybe someone would be kind enough to provide me with step-by-step instruction to set up my own server for Tiberian Sun (preferably ran directly from my computer)?

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