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What's your favorite Final Fantasy?

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I've played all of them. One through 12, Tactics, Tactics Advance, X-2, probably others I'm forgetting. I've finished Seven through Ten-2, and both tactics games. My favorite is Eight, because it actually has some semblance of difficulty with it's leveling system. I don't actually like eight, it's still bad, not unlike most other Final Fantasy games, but it would fall under the category of favorite.

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I've played Final Fantasy III, VII, DoCVII, VIII, X, XI, IX, and X-2.


Although I haven't completed some of those. My favorite out of all of the ones I've played would have to be Final Fantasy X. I remember borrowing the game from one of my buddies in High School, and man was that game a great experience. It's probably the only Final Fantasy game I've played on a real console. The story had a nice ring to it, although I hated the entire Blitzball sport, I thought it was trash. Although the voice acting was top notch, the graphics were crisp, and the leveling system was something new, and it was something I enjoyed. I enjoyed the twists and turns in the story mostly, and the characters had the most unique attire.

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I've played every one up to XII, haven't played any ones that came out after it. My favorite would be XII, followed by VI then IX. I liked them all so, but if I had to pick a worst it'd be Mystiq Quest.

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X-2 would've been my favorite, if it weren't for the percentage thing going on. If you didn't have to find every tiny little obscure cutscene in the game to unlock the mascot, then it would've been my favorite, easy. It even had a fair deal of difficulty. The class system was great, with all the styles and motifs that make Final Fantasy what it is (or should be, at least). Though a few were really overpowered (free megalixers coming out of your ass for the win), none of the classes were really as useless as some of the ones in five. Throw in a handful of fun minigames and side quests and the game is cruising towards perfect, up until the usual Final Fantasy killer of being forced to use a guide rears its head. You just can't get 100% without using a cheat sheet, and it kills the game like it kills all the others.

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X-2 is girly, which is, in my book a welcome change. Why? Because it's a nice contrast to the male leads prior.


Naturally, you're completely willing to discount FF6 in that assessment.


My favorites are 9, followed by 6 and 8. I hated 7 because disc 2 had no storyline in the American release (they conveniently failed to make it clear that we want the huge materia because they're vital pieces of teh planet, instead of "Shinra wants them so we do too"), and everyone spoiled *SPOILER WARNING LIKE YOU DIDN'T KNOW* Aeris dying if you didn't have the game within a week of it's release. Also, everyone's too emo.


As for which ones I've played, all of them. At least, all that count.


FF1 (Garland fails to knock you all down)


FF2 (Haven't made it past a city far to the northwest of Altea/Altair)


FF3 (SPOILER! Other FFs make you work to find the floating island. Here, you start on it)


FF4 (SPOILER! Cain betrays you. Repeatedly)


FF5 (SPOILER! No wait, no spoiler. The hero doesn't really have anything to spoil... erm... Galuf Dies?)


FF6 (SPOILER! Terra can go ZOMG SUPER SAIYAN!!!!!!!1!!!111oneoneoneeleven!)


FF7 (SPOILER! Aeris dies. Everyone in school told you a week after the game came out because they all had it and you didn't have a Playstation yet)


FF8 (Squall may be more emo than anyone in 7, but at least the other heroes are personable. In any case, the GARDEN battle was badass)


FF9 (SPOILER! Kuja's a trap. What? You already knew that? Hmm...)


FF10 (SPOILER! Auron is like Kenshiro's enemies; He's already dead)


FF10-2 (SPOILER! Tidus may be someone else and Yuna is 1/2 happy, 1/2 emo and shifts almost at random)


FF11 (haven't really delved into it though)


FF12 (Everyone bitches about the lack of character development, failing to realize the characters are

already developed)


FF12: RW


FFT (SPOILER! Ramza dies)


FFTA (SPOILER! Marche is the best villain ever. He actually manages to destroy the world despite the pleas of his crippled brother)


FFTA2 (so far it's pretty good)


FF:CC RoF (I have yet to encounter the titular rings of fate)


FF Fables: Chocobo Tales (uh...it's a card game...)


Ehrgeiz (does it count)


Kingdom Hearts (again, does the series count?)



I'd list the gameboy FFs like Legend and Adventure, but those are actually games in the Makaitoushi SaGa and Seiken Densetsu series.

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I've played all of them. [..] I don't actually like eight, it's still bad, [..]

You played the series to figure out you don't like it?

I play it because the series has potential and then falls short due to frustrating game design.

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