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Square-Enix RPGs for the Xbox 360 (Trailers Inside)

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Star Ocean: The Last Hope [Xbox 360]


- Just announced as Star Ocean: The Last Hope (aka Star Ocean 4 in Japan).



The Last Remnant [Xbox 360, PlayStation 3]


- Uses Unreal Engine 3.

- Will be released simultaneously worldwide in late 2008 on the 360, PS3 version TBA.



Infinite Undiscovery [Xbox 360]


-Coming out on September 2 worldwide, exclusively for the 360.



Looks like its JRPG season in Microsoft land.

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they all look pretty good to me....


why in the year 2008 do we still have to yell out the attack name we are doing?



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The Tales series just keeps going in its nth installment, and Europe never sees any of them.


Except for that bastard orphan child Tales of Symphonia for the GameCube folks.

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