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Project ***CoinOPS REFINED***


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PLEASE HELP US perfect all the games on the list...test the games in coinops, fill in the spreadsheet a little and together we can make this great.



Hi my goals with refined are


- Cut down the games list for stuff that wont be played eg crazy kong, 5 diff versions of space invaders

- Size it to fit on one DVD

- Add a few more games

- Go though every game and check it not only runs but runs correctly and is controlled correctly and fix it if not both in source and keymapping.

- Get Commandline launching working properly and docummented.

- Get SMB working fully and documented.

- Look at New games to add.

- Change cheats menu around a bit.

- Look at the best way to handle a new autofire option

- Look at the best way to handle 2 player game switching

- Add a few more shortcut to the sort methods to make things easier to find

- Look at 720P support

- Fix speed in double dragon 1 and 2

- Add sound to Midway games


But basically it will be an end to end look at making this better.



Take care

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Sounds like a really good plan. Do you think you can fit all the games on 1 dvd without omitting some good games? If not I'd say have it span two discs.


Did you ever think about implementing an installer for the udata and tdata required to boot up Coinops.

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You know what makes me sad is the NBA Jam series is one of my favorite games ever, I just wish it would be possible to play at fullspeed *with sound*. The supernes one is good but doesn't look nearly as good as the arcade version.

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It wont be an issue getting it on one disc... ill look at stuff like AOF 1 2 and 3 and maybe get rid of 1 and 2... for the lesser of the games All Mwtal slugs will stay.


I will be putting a full installer like Plat 2 in... so it can be installed from dvd


List to do = - Add sound to Midway games (NBA jam series)

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Hi and sorry to insist but

I just would like to know if it's possible to change the path of the roms?

or create a "ini" file because their isn't one to configure. no file "ini" in the folder "ini"

My roms are on the partition F and I can't access to them in the options.

thank you for this great work !

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the disc size isnt an issue and the least of the worries... its easy to save space as just doing a rom audit is going to save alot id say.

Out of everything this is the least concerning for me as it will be easiest thing to sort out by looks and can be done another way if needed to. Edited by BritneysPAIRS
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What about dumping the NeoGeo and CPS stuff that FBAxxx already does so well and just concentrate on the rest? Without those it will be well under 2 gigs and allow room for other stuff, like newer games and previews etc.


We could all help out with keymapping etc too, nothing technical there.

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