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2nd quarter actually has alot of games in it Gavin :)


Yeah I totally forgot you added more games in that release :huh:


The 2nd quarter download was about 300MB, IIRC. I got the first 130MB or so before the torrent died. Oh well.


I made a new torrent for the 2nd Quarter Patch + Fix on Mininova :)

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Should have made it coinops+ with the roms and screens from 2nd quarter :huh:


Yeah, that makes more sense. I uploaded a new torrent which is as you suggested, CoinOPS+ with the roms/screens from 2nd Quarter.


Keyword : CoinOPSplus

Size : 312MB

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I grabbed it just for the sake of adding another seeder to help out everyone. Already got the CoinOPS+ someone gave me, so this is my way of help giving back.

Thanks again BP. I could swear i remember collaborating some work with you on a skin or something way back when.

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I was hoping someone might be nice enough to PM me some help. I downloaded the 1st CoinOp, but can't find working links to the 2nd or 3rd.


I'm really looking forward to trying this as I'm still running mameox .79.



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is there a link still available for this? the torrent doesnt have any seeders, thank you


Yeah, torrent is no more on the tracker, could someone reseed it for a while?


I created and seeded it but no-one sticks around to keep it alive. That's public trackers for you. Basically you need the 'roms' and 'screenshots' folders from CoinOPs and 2nd Quarter, and the updated emu itself, CoinOPs+. I have sent you the link for CoinOPs+, emu only. What are you missing exactly?

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