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Mirror's Edge


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all I can say is, Medge is hype. Medge is so hype to a point you will be doing parkour randomly in and outside.


You don't already? :P


Game looks pretty good. I don't think it's some amazing 5 star game like some people hype it up to be, but it looks worth playing.

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maybe the gameplay uniqueness will land it a cult following like portal?

I wouldn't really call portal having a cult following. It seemed quite a lot of people enjoyed it.


I can't wait for this game though. It's quite refreshing to see this game competing with other games that are just plain sequels or re-hash's.

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Portal was eaten up by the whole gaming community because it was different, exilierating and most of all, fun to play.


But to me, Portal was uninspired and only got famous because of the Cube and the song.

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Well they did say that as the difficulty increases, the less the pathways are shown.

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