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Create your own perfect Mortal Kombat

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mine would be a replacement for MKT, except have every single character sprite (including the hidden unplayable characters) and stage since MK1 to UMK3.


and not in genesis either



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My main concern is, every other fighting game has back as the block button, why can't we keep one thing in MK different.


Does it add some sort of odd flavor to the game or something? Am I missing it? Someone please explain. It's just a block/run button dude...


There's a great many other aspects we could improve upon that would have much more impact than a block/run button...

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I honestly haven't ben able to get into a mainstream MK since 2. When my brother proved that he could kick anyone's ass with Baraka by spamming his damn near invincible jump kick, the series was basically over for me.


Actually, I did like what Shaolin Monks was doing for the franchise, and I'd like to see more like it. The action-adventure format fits the tone of the characters more than a mere fighting game at this point, and your moves in it really did evoke the feel of the franchise in it's original form.


As for this MK vs DC thing, can you say ripoff? Marvel vs capcom already did this formula, and actually had likeable characters on both sides. With MKvDC, I feel like I'll only be able to like Batman and whatever Teen Titans and Legion of Super Heroes get thrown in there.

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the perfect mortal kombat game has already been released "ultimate mortal kombat trilogy" and not a polygon in sight.

yeah, but that crap runs on genesis :regurg:

na im talking about the n64 version,scratch the ultimate and just plain old mortal kombat trilogy.

whats wrong with the gensis?

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