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What is a good site for watching Anime

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OK I'm new to watching Movies and TV online. I just recently found a site, called tvanime.org, and it sucks. Some episodes don't work, and only a handfull have an option to watch it dubbed, or subtitled. On top of that, I have seen 3 or 4 different sources. Some seem java based, some are linked to MyspaceTV, It's total chaos.


I want a site that has a large selection, and has no dead links. And if said site has Movies and/or TV too, all the better. And if this topic is taboo, you know what to do... send me a message... please.

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Davia gave me this one a few days ago:



pretty good it does have an anime section but I wouldn't know about that. I watch movies on it. quality and selection is overall good.

of course there is hulu.com and the major networks too.

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Well the Anime selection is small for the site on that link. It does contain the shows I'm trying to watch... Ill check it out and see how it goes...


But look at this... these guys are numbskulls!!!!! Piss poor organization...


Bleach 01

Bleach 01

Bleach 02

Bleach 02

Bleach 03

Bleach 04

Bleach 05

Bleach 06

Bleach 07

Bleach 08

Bleach 09

Bleach 10

Bleach 100

Bleach 101

Bleach 102

Bleach 103

Bleach 104

Bleach 105

Bleach 106

Bleach 107

Bleach 108

Bleach 109

Bleach 11

Bleach 110

Bleach 111

Bleach 112

EDIT: etc.


Thanks for the feedback, I'll post my opinion after I check it out.

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I still like downloading them from torrent and then watch them as and well I like without waiting it to buffer and load.

Well the problem is, I don't have internet yet. I am using my roommates laptop, and were siphoning a nearby connection. I do not want to download bit-torrents and the like on her computer, so I will just view streams. But when the time comes, I might download the good episodes, so I can see a decent video quality.

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