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xbox360 emulators

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dont you play guwange on fbaxxxpr?

as for pcsxbox being a superior emulator,you maybe right,but have you tried bleem.


the games i play on bleem are mainly arcade shooters,so other games like dodonpachi and other ps1 shooters,i dont need to play on bleem as they are already emulated on the xbox.

by the way g19 have you playes rtype-delta,dont know about you but i think its better than r-type final and even einhander.


I have used Bleem in the past but AFAIK it doesn't handle any game better than PCSXbox, so I don't use it any more. Plus it keeps all my emus together on one console if I use PCSXbox. I still keep my DC active though with Karous, Radilgy etc


Yeah, I play Guwange on FBA too, just I only have the Xbox pad and it's not great for shooters, well I don't think so. I have a PS2 to USB converter so I can use my PS2 pad on my PC. Although the likes of DoDonPachi are fully playable on FBA, sometimes the home ports are just as good, if not better, adding bonus ships/levels etc.


Einhander was quality but R-Type Final was dull as hell. R-Type Leo or Delta would be my favourites, though I played the original to death in the arcades so it's up there too.

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when you speak about the ports being just as good or sometimes better than the original then i do have to agree with you there.

ive got dodonpachi dai da jou(whatever you call it)on the ps2,what i like about that disc is the fact that you get the black label version with it.also the same can also be said about ibara on the ps2.

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