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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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I watched Iron Man 2 the other day. Lets just say I went to have a cigarette and just said, "text me if I miss something good"


Fuck that movie! I can go on and on but I wont. Ill just say it was filled with shit and ended with shit. It WAS cool at parts, but those parts added up to about 10 minutes of cool.


Oh yea, a while back I bought the complete 7 seasons of both STTNG and Voyager. Watched them all in sequence, back to back to back. Just as I thought I had long ago seen every episode of STTNG. Finding episodes here and there of Voyager that I havnt seen was pretty cool. They need a new Star Trek. I already have an outline for a concept I think would be fucking awesome. Perhaps I should write it up and try to pitch it! Yea... like I ever complete any good idea I have.


Agreed. Although I thought Voyager sucked. You NEED to watch DS9 man. As awesome as TNG is DS9 is better. I know people will argue to the death about that, and they are both very good for their own reasons and very close, but trust me you will like it. Iron Man 2 sucked more however. I even thought the first one sucked. I don't get why these movies are popular or considered good at all.

DS9 was alright... but I remember it being very boring. I do however remember an awesome episode where homeboy and his son got zapped and he disappeared. (The leader dude) Anyway his son studied this anomaly all his life, and every so often his dad would appear like a ghost then disappear. Turned out his dad was tethered to him at some cosmic level and was bouncing back and forth like he was on a rubberband. When he came back the last time, his son was old, had a wife etc. And killed himself, which snapped him (leader) back to when the accident happened, in which he jumped out of the way and averted the whole thing. The episode was much more interesting and involved than my vague description... but my point is I do indeed want to watch it so I can catch gems like that episode.


yeah I know what episode your talking about. In another episode they go as far as to say everything in the whole show is just going on in this crazy guys head at a mental institution. You need to watch every episode of DS9 to appreciate it though. It's not like TNG where you can watch them in any order really. Everything is connected and gets pretty crazy by the end. Like you wouldn't really get why whats happening is cool if you hadn't seen the previous episodes. There are a few crappy ones, but not many really.

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This movie has everything, it feels like aliens, dead space, event horizon , and with imaginative ideas every step of the way.

The ending is awesome, you really should see the movie and im not kidding when i give it 9.5/10

shit hot.

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Hey I dont remember Tits!


That movie was alright. It had good production and directing, but it felt abit on the stale side. Of course I am used to Aliens from another Galaxy, inter-dimensional beings, cybernetic hybrids, genetically manipulated beasts, nano machines, time travel, dimensional travel, etc etc.


Perhaps all the coolness from other sci fi had spoiled me...

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Universal soldier regeneration.



Took a gamble on what I thought could be totally and utterly shite.


Its set in "Chernobyl" but it actually isnt I know Chernobyl, I have seen many many photos, ok i know they are not going to really set it in Chernobyl haha, anyway.

The movie has a very grimy look to it, bleak and cold, van dam LOOKS OLD AND TIRED.

The "Pre" build up is very average gun battles with the enemy Universal soldier. (just one pretty bad ass type of guy) beating up regular guys and a few Unies that the good guys have, it is set in russia I can tell with the decor of the buildings etc or even the ukraine.


When the films has finished blabbing on a load of medicor the real action starts as van dam is drafted back in as a "recuperated" Universal, he soon goes back to been bad ass, the film is very violent in places and actions scenes are done "Ok" with only the really juicy bits coming near the end. Dolph lundgren (dragooo) has a great fight with van dam and has a really quirky death, then when van dam encounters the pit bull all hell breaks lose.


I would only watch this if you have a retro tear for van dam movies and the original universal soldier, a bit near the end they must of ran out of money, the spray painted a large container white to make it look all scientific and shit, and you can tell its a cargo thing hahahaha


Edit: The weaponry...

Odd as fuck, why the hell can they afford to make universal soldier but only equip them with M16s?

Enemy has your usual AK hybrids oobkans etc (um might be the wrong name im a stalker fan)

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