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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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Iron man 2 - if you take away the story it was just CGI of robots fighting.

Paltorws charecter annoyed the shit out of me!!!

Stark was extra Arrogant this time round and found his charecter annoying at the start.

Miky rourke was bad ass.


Bad guys motivation was the usual "YOU KILLED MY FAMILY!!!!"

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Nightmare on elm street even on dvd this movie blows


Robert england would be hard to replace the guy knew the role exceedingly well and could go from scary to funny in he same scene.

Freddy still gives me that feeling I need to sit next to my dad on the sofa while watching it.

Im a wuss bag with scary movies always have been.


Paranormal activity genuinely freaked me out and i couldn't sleep for a few nights.

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I not caught up on my movies at all. I've been restricting myself to netflix only at work. and starting next week I get promoted and will actually have to work for my paycheck. no movie marathons at work anymore.

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