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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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I like how it is called the Karate Kid but he learns kung fu. lol

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Jackie Chan even says in the trailer "I'll teach you Kung Fu"

anyways a remake of the Karate Kid was one of the all time stupid ideas from hollywood. It was a perfect movie as it was. I refuse to see the remake.


Solidius... check you're PMs

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They remade Karate Kid? FUCK YOU!!!!!!


There are countless movies itching to be remade, on the other hand I think its best they just leave stuff alone they constantly fuck it up.

Leave classics alone they can not be bettered.

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I watched a Cam of The Last Airbender...


Skimmed through most of the movie, my ears started to bleed in the middle of the conversations (UNG, HEY UNG, YOUR THE AHVATAR UNG), not to mention the ridiculous dialogue. In the last scene with the princess she says "I'm scared" because she's supposed to sacrifice herself for the moon and shit, as she says those 2 words you hear Microsoft Sam pop in replacing her words (M. Night said her performance seemed too robotic so he wanted to dub in someone else, that or the actors really do perform that way). It took me 30 minutes to download this movie, and even though I have no realistic bandwidth cap it still felt like a rip off.


UNG (not AANG) is fucking stupid. The one in the movie anyways, AANG in the cartoon was fun loving and constantly in battle with himself over the "fate" of the world, however tough the struggles get he always had a light of hope in his eyes and a character that makes you want to follow him (he's the fucking avatar, if he ain't doing that, he doing it wrong). UNG however (I can't get over the fucking pronunciation, as if it wasn't enough with the white washing they went ahead and deliberately made fun of the pronunciation in the script) cries like a fucking 5 year old wondering why his mom's tits haven't been surgically implanted into his mouth yet. Then he proceeds to do a stunt or two while touting friendship and shit again only to whine about him being the AHVATAR (Yes, they pronounce it that way).


After the above scene is said and done, open your notebooks because holy shit its story time. Get ready to have 3-5 paragraphs of shit shoved down your throat, and in some scenes it wont be just that. It'll be an entire book, a long with a side story that will be explored in full detail. Nigga Zuku (I can't believe this fagot is Zuku and not the fucking vampire, the vampire aesthetically speaking actually fucking looks like Zuku from the cartoon) cries even more than UNG, and while that's fine and dandy (Zuku was the most emotional of the 5 children in the cartoon) it's also fucking lame. While he was emotional, he didn't join UNG in a "find your mom's tits" contest. His scar is also not present. The cartoon makes sure you see its there, it makes sure you're disgusted by it, and it makes sure that it is in plain sight (even in the scenes where he wears robes, the cartoon prefers to show you the left side of his face). Movie however says no, that's not how I want it, I want him to look pretty.


The sad part of the movie is, that even with all the exposition, they still manage to forget to explain things, or create entirely new plot holes that create pits worthy of earthquakes when compared to the minor things the cartoon did (and could get away with). Another thing the movie loves to do is sporadically induce a fight scene. Leaves you wondering the purpose of the fight scene, and then gives you the finger as it goes back to robot given dialogue.


Watch this movie if you plan on enjoy the soundtrack, that's the only thing worthy of praise in the entirety of the thing.

Fuck you M.Shit.Shitmelon. That's how I'm pronouncing your name from now on bitch.

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