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kof98 ultimate match!


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There are 2 slots besdie Rugal. Anyone find out whether it is for hidden characters?

Well the PS2 version includes Goenitz and Orochi so maybe that's what they're for.

You mean there is a PS2 version now? no X360 version...?

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well i got this game today and well what can i say its kof98.......not much else to say really,except new 3d backgrounds and some new costumes for some characters and play modes but not much else to report.

this game wouldnt look out of place on an atomiswave board,not that its a bad thing.

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wow , i just played KOF98 UM, its AWOOSOME !! , the new chars are


another ff team : terry,joe,andy

another aof team : ryo, yuri,robert

another kof97 special team: mary,billy,yamazaki

boss team =) : rugal,orochi,goenitz

other ver chars : kyo, mai, king ,geese

riot of blood char: orochi iori,orochi leona


they even modified some moves and combos



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So the Jap ver did come out early after all, I played the game they reduced damaged taken by hits on most characters especially boss characters.


they are quite few variations of chracters Geese, blumary, Yamazaki, seem to be the new in this ver.


I havent quite got figure out how to use irochi Leona/Iori is it by challenge mode to unlock as select/start dont work when choosing characters


BlackKnight what ver hdl are you using I get the same problem but its usually 5 to 6 games in. I'm still using 8b mode3 for this game.

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I've used HDL 0.8b with the GoW patch, without the GoW patch, in all variety of MDMA and UMDA speeds but it doesn't work.


I have to use Mode 3 to get it to boot at all, but the other modes don't seem to have any affact.


I still haven't beaten my record of 1 match without a crash yet.

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errr... let me know when a new ver. or a new patched ver. of HDL is out, I can't be bother playing without random crashes like when KOFXI or NGBC (Gah!) was released, it's impossible to get NGBC to run and KOFXI randomly crashes as it pleases.

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