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added Olaf to the first post. although a bunch are inactive we have a nice sized list.


I may be inactive for a long time if I got banned :)

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first post updated with (XBOX) and KyokugenKiss.

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My tag is BacchusWine


My gold expired recently so I have to get another 12 month card when they're on sale.


I've got COD4, GOW, Beautiful Katamari, UT3, and DOA4 right now.

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My Gamertag is Snow Patr0l, it was EmuNext until i renamed it. Everyone who already has me dont worry no need to add me.


However, my 360 died for the 9th time already and havent really had the time to repair it yet, if anyone wishes to add me, I'll try to be back on as soon as i can, most probably in like 2-3 weeks.

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