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Running list of Xboxlive gamertags. Post or PM me to get added to the list.


Gamertag - Forum Name:


wreckabilly - inky

The Fatal Rose

Ichorid4 - BlackKnight

xX exzapel Xx - esoteric

PhoenixTJ - Bambi (mention 1emu in friend request)

m00nNinjaSkythe - Skythe (those are zeros not o's)

Mastachio - vision7943

TheZerbinator - TheZerbinator

kwizzeh - Wizard

Don illmatix

Krosigrim2 - Krosigrim

ohyeahbrush - Basilbr

stotious - gavin19

Kohara Amano - kenshinsama

Kevendval - Olaf

riotsquad 018 - XxHellsFuryxX

Le Chef 415 - KyokugenKiss

Snow Patr0l

BacchusWine - Rag

DontBlinkX - Shoma

Tirkmane - MF29

cky2k - mackmankilla

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