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Avatar and Signature maintenance

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I rarely change avatars or my sig. I have had this avatar up for awhile for my love of Amiga games. I have had this sig up for yonks too. I have only had two or three sigs while I have been on this forum, and Bloodrayne has appeared in all of them.


And Smilee, I love you avatar, because I love that game, even today. But I always thought the TankJr model was cooler then Kleskie.

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Throughout long periods of time, I'm sure people have noticed that I change my signature and avatar almost twice a week. It's just hard to keep the same Avvy for a long period of time, it gets annoying to the point where I just remove both, so I won't have to worry about them.


Not to whore your thread with a highjack but can you make me a sig. Roughly 500 X 300 pixels, and with "For Sale" written across it?



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OMG ITS KLESK! Man you just brought me back several years my man I used that model all the time.


I've been meaning to say this for a while, but it looks like your avatar and a nice, young, invisible, alien female directly in front of it... getting some action...


as for me, I'm keeping this avatar and never changing it for obvious reasons :3

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