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Out of Disk Space!


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You know when you see this ....




Something is wrong. :)


I think I now know why uTorrent was crashing a million times.

I only had a 100KB (you read that right) of disk space left in my C:\ drive.

This has happened quite a lot. Let's just say I need a new hard drive.

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Pfft, your out of disk space when you have 0 KB left. You can save a bunch of text files with that!


For the record, I have 780 GB. One of my drives just went kaput on me like 10 minutes ago (my 120GB, again). I need to send it to my guy to get the boot-table recovered so can back it up.

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I had some troubles with utorrent filling up my hard drive, so i just kept looking at the sales ads in the newspaper and bought another hard drive...and then another one...i now have 1.15 TB hard drives sitting in my case...plus another 500GB on the network i have set up at my parents house...my friend's philosophy of "If you run out of space, just buy another hard drive" is really effective...(also deleting stuff is an option, i just dont like having to burn off and then store loads of movies on DVDs in my limited space at school...)

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How big of a hard drive do you have?


I got a 400gb one

80GB .... I need an upgrade. :)


Lol I'm in the same situation. My 3 year old computer came with 80 gigs, and i only have like 27 left. Although I do monitor how much free space i have almost every day. What's so unfair is that my dad's computer has 500 gigs unused, and two 500 gig external hard drives just sitting around that I'm not allowed to use either :devilboy:

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The big question is what the hell are you doing installing Real Player ??!! lol


indeed. Use Real Alternative instead :3


as for me... I have around 160GB... probably closer to 150 though due to how HD manufactuers caculate bytes


actually just calculated... it's 149GB total

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My computer is 6 years old. 40 gigs total. Just made a slave recently, when I hit 10 Gigs left, so I'm at a total of 80 gigs. I have a total of 51 gigs free. And I thought I was running low on total volume..... I limit everything I do. But I will be building a rig soon, And I am going to get 4 250 Gig hard drives. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is 2 250's better than 1 500, in terms of stability,or some other unknown to me issue? Anyway, A terabyte is plenty of room for now. I want plenty of room for my art programs and games and such. Overkill? Well perhaps I'll just start off with 500 total.


GC remember this, you should at least, have 10 gigs free always.... And hard drives are cheap enough. Just make a slave. I did. Very cheap! Errrr cost effective!

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