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They claim they don't have ticket quotas



Hahaha have you really heard them say that? My brother-in-law is a cop and told me that they do have ticket quotas. I was pulled over on one of those nights before I got on the freeway... the guy just looked inside and didn't ask for my license or anything, he just let me go. It was weird. I've never run into any problems, though my old friends were shafted and given tickets/community service a few times. I also remember my gay friend getting pulled over and searched for no reason... he didn't do anything about it but cry.

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Since I don't drink or do drugs, there have been many time where I was sent home scott free.

My ex wanted to smoke in his van, and I was driving, Now, like I've said, I don't have a license, so he wanted me to stop somewhere so they could smoke. Now, I am sitting in the driver's seat, playing with the radio with my seatbelt on. I see a cop roll up and I'm like, "Hey, hey...hey, a cop! hide your sh*t!!" So they fumble their weed around for a little while, dropping some on a skateboard, I also undo my seatbelt so she doesn't know I Was driving. I light up a cigarette because I was the only one legal to smoke at the time. She comes up to my window and I roll it down. She asks me if I was driving, I say, "no", and as she's asking me this, all the guys in the van tumble out of the door. She sees all their weed some come billowing out, and she calls for back up. My ex, who is very...defensive, and when the other cops pull up, K-9 and all, He asks, "man...why do you have to bring all these other cops?" to which she replies, "there are 4 of you and 1 of me, and you are all bigger than I am." So this gay cop comes up to the car and asks to search it. My idiot ex boyfriend crossed his arms and said very matter-of-factly, "Yeah, you wont find anything bad in there." and sure enough, within maybe 2 minutes the cop was testing the weed that fell on the skateboards, and found a baggy of stems and seeds...haha

Everyone but me got in trouble, and were all sent home with their parents....well...except me of course, they told me that I could leave whenever I wanted to, because I didn't lie to them, and they could tell I wasn't high as sh*t. Oh, and another thing, they wouldn't search the van with dogs because there was too much food on the floor and they were worried the dog would eat it and get sick.


Later my ex and I cleaned out his van and found a baggy of weed, about $8 dollars worth, and a baggy of coke and a straw to go with it. We ended up flushing it. But if he'd been caught with all that in his car he'd be more in trouble for sure, than just a warning.


Another time, we got pulled over, my ex and his friends had just bought some Sparks and were gonna go drink them behind some building, and what not, and just as we were pulling in, a cop pulled us over. He then said for us to get out, and that he was going to search the car. We said he couldn't. Then he told us that we'd seen too many CSI shows....asshole....anyway, he searched the car and found the sparks, and made my ex dump them out. We didn't do anything about him illegally searching the car because he let us go with the alcohol.


My friend was with us as well, and she has a big ass....okay, she's a white girl with a black person's ass...anyway...The cops were searching us, none of which were ladies, by the way, I told the cop that he couldn't touch me because I know that it's illegal for a male cop to touch a female, and that I would gladly empty out my pockets so he could see what I had, and take off my shoes and socks.

But, he had searched Kim first, and touched her ass...not in the kind of "I'm searching your pockets" kind of way either.



When I got arrested for stealing back when I was like 15, I got picked up by the cop, and he cuffed me and put me in the back seat. The whole ride up to the juvenile attention center (JAC) I talked to the guy, and bothered him. I also flipped my handcuffs around, and scratched my face, then flipped them back around. ( I know that if you do that and they catch you, they can taze you and say that you were resisting arrest)

Also while I was in JAC I made fun of the cops and mocked one of them. Back then, my shoes had duct tape laces in one shoe, so they couldn't take my laces out when they put me in the cell. So, they gave me these mad ugly orange flip flops that I threw off my seat and hit the wall with. What I didn't know was that they could hear me, and I was sitting in there, singing....about cops...haha


When they release kids, you know, they kids are usually all upset, and sad, or mad or something...not me...when I got out, the cop was laughing with me, and he told my mom that he liked me, and that he wanted me to come back and visit him sometime.....what?!

Yeah, I am just that likable I guess...

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They claim they don't have ticket quotas



Hahaha have you really heard them say that? My brother-in-law is a cop and told me that they do have ticket quotas.


Yes, they deny it down here in Orlando... There like mini politicians.

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