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The stupid, funny, or weird things you do...


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Ok. Last night, while on the forum here, Explosive Misanthropy, (while eating some Cheetos), asked me sarcastically, what more could I do with 13 Cheetos...


Yea... fun to the max......... whatever.


I always eat more than 1 serving of anything, and told her that I could stick 13 in my mouth.


She didn't believe me. And I can say, I've never tried stuffing so many Cheetos in my mouth before, but I thought it possible. So we decided to tape me trying. We thought it was funny, so I decided to share it.


Sorry, the video gets out of sync, O-well.

- See the first reply by Gryph for the video.


So, yea, it got alittle messy. A few crumbs of Cheetos flew out of my mouth there, but whatever. For those who didn't understand me, a small translation. "You didn't tell me nuttin' woman" "Still you deny me?" "I'm not" ok, I don't know what I said a couple of times. and then, "why am I doing this?"


I decided not to make a thread about what you can do with 13 Cheetos, I don't think Id like to see some of the submissions... :) ... But if you want to submit something about Cheetos, go ahead. For instance, how many CAN you stuff in your mouth? O-man, what have I done??


So do you guys have anything funny / silly / stupid / weird to submit? Be it stories / pics / or videos? What did you do? Or what did they do?


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Seeing as how I have dial up at my parent's house, I cant watch the video really...but seeing as how I taped it, I dont think that I need to really see it in order to leave a comment.




It was truly a strange sight, seeing my boyfriend stuffing those all in his mouth.... But hey...I told him to do it.

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Hahaha, I don't think I could fit even half of those in my mouth.


Bravo. Good thing you didn't choke.


Nice martini mixer in the back. What bottles you got back there?


Level 1: Vodka

Cazadores:: Tequila

Calico Jack: Rum


And my roommate had some Triple Sec laying around. We haven't re-supplied lately. Had some Captain Morgan and a few other I can't recall at the moment.

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i love cheetos. i bet you i can stick 25 of those cheetos in my mouth. back in my old days i did a lot of mouth exercies for the ladies otherwise they dont reach full pleasureability. but i also bet you that if you asked a woman, they could easily stick 35 in their mouth. youd be surprised.

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