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Best RPG's

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Fallout 1 and 2.


They're not on Playstation but I just wanted to throw it out there.


That's ok

in my house we have the following


Coleco vision

Atari 2600


Super Nintendo

Nintendo 64

Virtual Boy

Game boy with various attachments, magnifyer, light, etc

Game boy color

Game boy advance sp (looking for a cheap DS on ebay)

Sega Master system

Sega Genesis

Sega Dreamcast

Microsoft Xbox (not 360)

Sony Playstation

PS one - the smaller version

PS two

Playstation portable


So anything is fair game, so to speak


Thanks for the suggestions


:D MOM? Are you by chance a short woman that drives her cavalier like a maniac?




I don't think I drive like a maniac!


And If you are my son, are all the systems still at the house?

Fess up! what did you take with you?


Uhhhhh...... I'll personal Message you.

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Breath Of Fire 3

Breath of Fire 4


BREATH OF FIRE!!!!!!!!!! My favorite rpg series by far. Definitely check out 3.


Heh, if you like BoF3 so much try taking a gander at this. It's a game script that DavidK and I made. Be sure to look at the hidden text section! :3


also, I find it awesome that you met your mom on here! XD


Finally, how the fuck did no one mention Xenogears?! Aaaagh!

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Hey... I haven't tried breath of fire.... but ,,, how good is it in comparison with Final fantasy 7? the final fantasy 7 and 8 are the only rpg I've tried... and what about that one called Xenogears? what are these games about?? is there good action like FFsies?? I wouldn't like something like just text and imitation of a good 3d match... there is nothing worst than a picture battle.. lol! :thumbsup1:







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Just try them and see for yourself. Breath of Fire is basically Capcom's only RPG franchise. Xenogears semi-obviously ties in with Xenosaga.


So, Breath Of Fire is Capcom?... I've always liked Capcom character Design..except bosses in Resident Evil series... they are disgusting... but fighting games characters are quite good. but as an example... I desliked Final Fantasy 9 because the character were strange and tiny.... lol

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Well, Final Fantasy IX was more of a tribute to the older Final fantasy games and hardcore fans, hence the deformed look and more references to FF1-FF3 than you can shake a stick at.


P.S. Bosses in Resident Evil are supposed to look gritty and disgusting. That's the point, isn't it? It's a survival horror series after all.

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