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Well, Final Fantasy IX was more of a tribute to the older Final fantasy games and hardcore fans, hence the deformed look and more references to FF1-FF3 than you can shake a stick at.


P.S. Bosses in Resident Evil are supposed to look gritty and disgusting. That's the point, isn't it? It's a survival horror series after all.


Yeah.. that's right... but, who is the guy in charge of boss design? He had to be drunk or something like that.. those monsters are the most disgusting thing you can't imagine lol! ven Alien looks prettier,,,, lol!!! :D


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Not to throw the thread off topic three days since the last post, but why do so many people think Zelda is an RPG when it lacks approximately every quality you would normally attribute to an RPG?


I've never tried Zelda... .i didn't call my attention when I saw the snes version... I hate those tiny characters as playgame...


Long life FF7 .. the only rpg I like...by now



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How the flock did no one mention Xenogears?! Aaaagh!

Indeed. Although I never played it, or seen it with my own eyes, it is a legend. And is a must play. How was it missed, considering this is the playstation section?


Hey... I haven't tried breath of fire.... but ,,, how good is it in comparison with Final fantasy 7? the final fantasy 7 and 8 are the only rpg I've tried... and what about that one called Xenogears? what are these games about?? is there good action like FFsies?? I wouldn't like something like just text and imitation of a good 3d match... there is nothing worst than a picture battle.. lol! :punk:




Honestly, Breath of Fire is quite different from FF games. Their worth a try, but BoF 1 is ... well... not as fun as the sequels. 2 & 3 are better. But as for Xenogears, this is a MUST PLAY. It is a legend. But be prepared for mountains of story and game time. It is more action oriented. Just give it a try. I know I need to.


Like I was saying... this is the Playstation section, and no one mentioned Star Ocean II!!! Well I can't wait because there remaking I and II for the PSP!!! oh yea...

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While XGears was good, I wouldn't call it a must have title. I was a little bored of it's motif and most of the character designs sucked (Elly is the only design I liked). It's storytelling was decent and not up to par to past Square titles (Read: Pre-96 SQ=Win). It was an sleeper hit, similarly to the Lunar series (Which should see a re-release I find, espeically to what Working Designs did to it. Good package, terrible translation.)

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Really? Everyone raved about this game... All I heard was good things. Hmm... now I really have to play it, and see for myself.


But still.... Star Ocean II is a good choice.



Yeah... I will try it too... Hoping to find a good game... :thumbsup1:




PD: iS THIS title related with robots by chance?





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