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Penny Arcades


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I know a guy who knows how to work vending machines. He can go in there, set the price of crap to nothing, get a bunch of free crap, and then we just have crap throwing parties right inside of a grocery store or whatever. He actually set another of my friends remote car opener thing to also work on his car, in like ten seconds just by holding a button in and sticking it in the ignition or something, it was awesome.

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Back in the days when I was a regular visitor to the arcade, some kids had one of those electric gizmos that you use to light a gas jet with. You put the gizmo next to a metal part of the arcade machine and operate it. The electric jolt (like a small tazar) could cause the machine to give credits - although it was also likely to crash it.

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how are you going to get caught? If someone comes up to you be like hey look i found this penny in the dispenser! They can't really prove you where the one putting them in there even if they open it and theres a bunch there.


Overloard - There are alot of hidden "codes" as far as anything electronic goes, you can find them pretty easily by typing model numbers into google. Look on the back of a vending machine/write down the model number, alot of them are very similar if not exactly the same.


For instance, If you are in an impatient mood and your on an elevator and don't want to let anyone else on (heh) when you select your floor, hold in the floor number button and the close door button at the same time and it will skip all the other floors even if people where pressing the button and go right to yours.


This varies because sometimes you have to just press it, sometimes you have to press it and hold it the whole time, sometimes you press the floor, then both, etc.

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