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Computer crashed


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i would just backup everything i could onto DVD-Rs or something and format clean.


but thats because im lazy.


I had a hard drive that randomly started corrupting everything awhile back and WOW did my windows installation get flocked up. especially after i tried to do a defrag not knowing it was doing this. It sounds almost like your problem, windows was so flocked up i should have taken some screen shots of what it was doing but i probably wouldn't have been able to do anything with them or save them.

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If you're having different problems after multiple reinstalls, I'd definitely check that hard drive. Fire up a boot disc of some sort (Win98 CD, Boot floppy, XP Recovery Console from CD etc) and run a scandisk/chkdsk with surface scan on the entire drive.

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Looks like it's ok now.


Thanks for the advice everyone. :)




edit: When I posted this, the computer froze with svchost.exe again causing problems.


This time I just rebooted to fix it for now.



edit again: found i could not connect to work, this was because IE6 only had 56-bit encryption.

Tried Firefox, it let me log in but then wanted to download a 123meg Java plugin. Er, no way!


Then, found I had a service pack for this OS, put it in and i had 128-bit encryption in IE6, and could now connect to work with no problem. And without needing Java.

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The saga continues.. now the hard drive crashed


I can use the computer for a while but if it tries to access certain parts of the disk, it starts making a clanking noise and the computer freezes or blue screens.


I copied as many files as I could to other drives but unfortunately if I try to use ghost it hangs on the bad part of the disk.


So I will have to find another drive and rebuild the computer from scratch. It will take a long time.

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Finished fixing everything, got all the latest windows updates from microsoft and it all works fine. This is a replacement 6 gig drive. I made a ghost image for next time.


Now, my boss brought in a spare 80 gig drive and this has now been installed to replace the 6 gig. The image was ghosted down, and in less than 5 minutes it was ready to go.


As it's late I won't do anything tonight, but tomorrow (in 17 hours to be exact) i'll be able to start posting news again.


I am very thankful that this ordeal is finally over.

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You know, my computer's been crashing often recently, too. I can't determine the cause, though. Generally happens while running full screen games, but it doesn't seem to be overheating (my first concern, since it's so hot right now), and I've had no problems running these things in the past.

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