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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Screenshots

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Now I am no big fan of GT, nor am I quick to go 'oh wow, look at those graphics', and I do realise cars as opposed to human characters are rather easy to model. That said, these scenes look photorealistic to me. I am unashamedly impressed.







This is all in-game mind you - no prerendered trickery is at work here. Check this eXophase post for a lot more.


I am speechless.

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Are you sure it is in-game? More like the replay after you complete a race. i doubt the in-game graphic would be that good. I do remember watching GT4 replay and go "Wow!" but when you run through the in-game screen, it is not that overwhelming,


Only time will tell.

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While you need to know that I'm highly impressed as well, you should also know 2 things.


1: Those screenshots are not output size, they are downsized and cleaned up.


2: Because of number 1, if you've seen any shots in their native resolution captured from 1080p output, there are horrendous jaggies due to either no anti-aliasing or poor anti-aliasing. Given the horsepower the PS3 is purported to have, this should not be happening and I hope they clean things up for the release.


Regardless, it looks beautiful.

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