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New Capcom 2d Fighter - Sengoku Basara X

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Capcom recently announced development on an unnamed 2d fighter, and many speculated that this would be the ever-elusive Street Fighter 4, since it was specifically named '2d versus fighter'. This title has since been revealed as Sengoku Basara X or Devil Kings X for English localisations.


The title will be developed by an internal team at Arc System Works, known for the Guilty Gear franchise, and will boast hi-res 2d sprites. Stay tuned for more information.


Unfortunately, this scan is the only source I have at the moment. Until somewhere like The Magic Box reports, could anyone offer a translation?



Source: Famitsu.

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I just hoped it's balanced and doesn't warrent 8 upgrades.


Capcom and Arc man... what are the chances of that.

Is my sarcasm detector broken?

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The character wears green and those pantaloon things too. Yeh I smelt rip-off as well lol. I see SS and SC all over this thing.


I must begin to question this claim of rip-off, since the 'character in the green', aka Motonori, has been wearing that same outfit since his release on July 21st, 2004 ; While the only SC character who wields a ringblade (Tira), appeared October 25th, 2005. His original weapon wasn't a ringblage, but rather.. Something entirely silly; A baton with paper charms. (It was changed in the sequel, Sengoku BASARA 2 to the ringblade.) One of the characters in the game uses a whip-sword, (See Hanbei ) does that make him a rip-off of Ivy? Nay.


"Oh my god, [this character] uses a sword, it must be a rip-off of [that character]!"



More on topic, however. Sengoku BASARA has been one of my favorite series of games since the original release, but seeing as the first two games were DW-style beat-em-ups (Though severely better than the DW/SW series), I'm entirely curious how the characters along with thier movesets will fit into a 2D game.

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