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In the last months everybody and their uncle seem to have started using Facebook. Its one of those social networking sites like MySpace but is geared toward students and alumni etc. Was originally started by MIT but as I say now everyone seems to be on there.


So does anyone use it? And if so has anyone thought about making (or already made) a 1emu group? Dunno if this is anyone here's bag, but I just noticed SRK has a group and it got me thinking since we have that Last.fm group as well...

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i was actually tempted on making a 1emu group last night on facebook i was going to ask about that same thing tonight after school.


we'll talk more when im home :naughty: since facebook is flocking blocked at school.

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I recently made one due to my friend's persuasions about getting one. Won't use it as much, but I'm sure that'll change next year in college.

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