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CPS-3 Encryption Broken and Partially Emulated!


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System 3


Andreas is pretty good at decryption…. now, are we good enough to emulate it? Sounds like a challenge.


It’s looking somewhat complex at the moment, but we’ll see.


As things stand the only game decrypted is JoJo (but that may change soon) and the game gets stuck at this point, and I’m not quite sure what it’s waiting for.


As I said, it’s going to be a challenge, but hopefully an enjoyable one.


...due to the encryption it looks like it might require some .. interesting.. modifications to the sh2 core


...Basically the SH-2 DMA should bypass the encryption completely by the looks of things, and it sends the Flash commands via DMA so at the moment the wrong commands get sent. (that explains why some of the flash commands were strangely not encrypted in the bios when everything else is)


I’ve been talking this through with ElSemi and Dox too.


Some more shots:







Thanks to Emu-France for the news. :)

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what will be infinitely more interesting is if the decrypted roms can be burned onto the CD and run 'phoenix' style.

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