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Final Fantasy Dissidia

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To date, Crisis Core has been the only 'original' FF title developed specifically for the PSP. That's about to change with the recently unveiled Dissidia: Final Fantasy. No other information, apart from the name and logo, has been revealed. More is to come apparently at the Square-Enix Party later this month.


Personally I am stoked seeing as I love my PSP, hate the DS and all that, but moreso because I'm squarely outside the next-gen race at the moment and like the quaint, small-scope feeling of handheld games these days anyway. The FF1 remake reminded me of that much. And anyway it's a new game- maybe not even an RPG- and maybe in a new continuity too (so far it hasn't been tied to either the FF7 or FF12 worlds). Might just be me, but do those two figures in the logo seem familiar to anyone?


Anyway, what does everyone think? Check the Official Site, and add your 2c and theories as to what this game might be about.

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Every day, the space in my heart that my PSP used to occupy grows more and more painful and empty... :P

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BTW, Magic Box said that the game is a dramatic progressive action game. WHat the hell is that, go figure.


Yeh I read that too. Either its just some translation byproduct crap or theyre going for something totally different. Can't wait to find out though.

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one of my earliest memories of ff1 involved the following:


i bought a wrong sword.

would go out in battle.

lose 3 of my team members

go to town,revive them with all the money i made.


rinse and repeat...


it left a bad taste in my mouth, but not worse than DW1;


went out into the world.

met three slimes.

got my ass kicked.

game over.

........ first 5 mins of playing.

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