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Final Fantasy Dissidia

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I found it on 4chan. VERY reliable site, trust me.

Most definitely.


I've always wanted to see a CG pillowfight between Sephiroth and Cloud.

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I loved Ergheiz when it came out, I had a lot of fun with it. I somehow doubt I would feel the same about it if it were released today, with my broader knowledge and experience with fighting games. Also, Ergheiz included a dungeon crawling game that was almost completely separate from the fighting portion, which made it more worth it.

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And that's not Ifrit. It's Scarmiglione...


I disagree. Here's a shot I took of Scarmiglione from the Anniversary Edition and the original shot and artwork- as you can see he doesn't have wings or horns coming from his head like the character in the logo- more from his gut and shoulders.




And yeh Ehrgeiz is a PSX game so go for it.

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