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Guess the Game Thread Version 1.3

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Ok I'm bringing this topic back from the dead again :D


I figured we needed some more entertainment around here again so I'm resetting the scores (madmax2002 was winning last time with emsley and Tapeworm in 2nd place).


Instructions: :) Look at the picture then decide what the game is and what system it's on. If you are right you score a point. If you are wrong, you don't, simple. Anyone can post a pic for people to guess and it can be any game from any system, well known or obscure. So come on, start guessing and post those pics!


Here is the current image






Baseley09 11


Disoblige 4

IJTF_Cinder 3

solidius23 2

emsley 2

K`dash 1

Gouken 1


StriderVM 1

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