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"You're all idiots"


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I gave up playing Starcraft against people i didn't know long ago..


nothing like joining a 4 on 4 and quickly realising you've been had and it's now a 6 on 2..


and those GOGOGOGO people

Me "Youre downloading the map"


Them "No, I have this map stupide, stat the game k la!"


Me: It won't let me start, saying someone is downloading the map


Them: Maybe it you!


Me: Yes, i'm running the game and i don't have the map


Them: Well shut up loser i have the game! ban whoever doesn't have the map!


Me: Why ban them?


Them: Because they stoopid and don't have map! so ban them, k thx!


Me:.. no problem.. *bans him*


Them: (in tells) WTF! Why you banzor me! you stupide!?!

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Generally I don't play any online games with strangers either.


There are just too many idiots on servers to make it worth my while. This is also the reason I HATE Xbox live. Not only is it people you don't know, you have to listen to some dumbass' voice too.


This was my first Xbox live experience


Me: "hey everyone, I'm new to unreal on the Xbox so you have to forgive me If I'm really crappy"


MR_l3333333333tman: "Great a newb f*g man, why the hell dont you go play j00 gaystation 2"


Me: "Because I own an Xbox, which is why I'm on Xbox live mate"


MR_l3333333tman: "mate is gay. You are a f*g. Your character looks like a f*g. You suck you newb f****r"


Some other guy: "Uh shut up and play the game"


MR_l33333333tman:"shut up and suck my a**"


Some other guy: "How do you actually suck an a**"


MR_l33333333tman: "f*gs. I slept with your mommas and you all have small weiners"


Me: "Uh Bye"


Xbox live rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:


They need to get some sort of banning system going or at least tell the little kids parents. I mean there is no way he was old enough to have a credit card anyway. I'm all for a few insults and some friendly banter but that kind of thing shouldn't be allowed.


Thankfully it's my friends account. I have a modchip and couldn't care less about LIVE :lol:


Rant over.

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I really dont like those people that go


"Haha you suk. Please shut up now. K thx!"


That fricken "K thx" is so stupid. They act like it proves something.


What I prove to them is a few headshots in counter strike and then they leave HAHAHAH.

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I stay out of online gaming because of this, that guy hit the nail, I used to play counterstrike a lot, and my love for online games stopped once I played starcraft, seems that the majority of stupid pimple faced tennagers are always there, I played once and got called a bunch of crap, so I went and looked for a crack code and came back 10 minutes later, I wished I could have seen their faces when they could not kill me, and one shot from me devastated them to oblivion... :twisted::lol:

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