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Terrorists fail to recreate a bigger disaster than 9/11


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I agree with Madman and Robert its all too coincidal things happening and the issue of alert and talk of giving up civil liberites to fight terroism.


The next day alledgely plot to blow up planes with liquid. When IRA were in action where all these speaches and alerts.


I know IRA are on the level of some of the attrocities that have been done by Al queda or copycats of them.


Until there is no percived oppression of Moslems in the world then multitude of terror acts would die down but we all know thats never gonna happen. Just look at Israel and (insert border Arab country) there will always be turmoil.


Terroism will never go but if the UN can help by giving a state for the Palestines it may be a step in the right direction.

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