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Netpumper installed these pop-up ads in MS IE!

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A Google search tells m that this lopdotcom is actually pretty widespread and it's some kind of a pay-per-click searchthingamajig. Can be gotten through pop-ups or ActiveX install scripts.




I know! It is my brother's fault since he picked it up by installing a program called Netpumper to download.mp3s. I can't believe he fell for those sites claiming you can download ANY.mp3 with their "wonderful program" called Netpumper! :angry: How stupid and naive can anyone get?


Anyway; the problem now is that although my Spy Sweeper can detect and remove lopdotcom with the latest spyware definitions; it is only a temporary solution as lopdotcom returns after just one hour! :ph34r:


Anyone know of a PERMANENT solution to combat lopdotcom? <_<

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i use my pc for gaming and oblivion needs all the resources it can get, so i wipe quite often, just incase something got by my dual firewalls and heuristic antiviral software. and because if i install my games first, they are closer to the inside of the disk and run faster (saving up for a ram drive atm so i need the speed)

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just try to find something that may seem unusual


I'm trying to but Regcleaner isn't working just like when I tried to run it from the shortcut again! When I press Ctrl-alt-del the Windows Task Manager says that Regcleaner is running but when I try to switch to it it just goes to the directory where Regcleaner is installed!


When I try to shut down or reset Windows XP; it says Regcleaner needs to be shut down and I wait...and wait...and wait for about five minutes before the pop-up screens finally shut down all instances of the invisible Regcleaner! :angry:


Any idea what could cause Regcleaner to stop working suddenly? <_<

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ya rly. maybe its time for your annual clean install? Every 6 months to a year i reformat and reinstall windows



Rubbish I used an OS for 3+ years Only time I did a clean install was when I replaced the hard drive.




pfft this is a monthly routine of mines



Why ? Is your PC skills that bad you have to reinstall windows everytime there is a problem ?

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