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Request for Testing (Internet Radio Client)


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I know that I've waited, I've begged, and I've drooled at the thought of this app ever being made. :blink: I don't know if any of you have wanted an Internet Radio Client as much as I have... but here we are. The first working release of Dissonance.




I would appreciate it if someone with a fully compatible router can test Dissonance for me. I would also appreciate if word did not spread off of this board for a day or two, until I can get some testing done (so keep it SECRET. I will notify the usual authorities when I get some testing data). On my router, it works for a few minutes, then locks up solid during a recv. I am wondering if it's my router, or something more sinister. So please, give me a hand. :(


Thanks sgstair for the library that makes all this possible.


EDIT: PS: I know the registration process for this forum is a little intense. If you don't want/can't get registered, then please email me at matter.grey@gmail.com

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Welcome Grey, and thanks for showing your project to us. :)


Let us know when you're ready to go public,

and we can make an item on the front-page news,

and also enter it on digg for you.

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Thanks. :) Good to feel welcome.


The problem I am having is that recv is called, but then doesn't come back, thus freezing up the ARM9 during playback. It happens at a fairly random time, but usually runs for a couple of minutes before doing so. You wouldn't happen to know why, would you?

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Yeah. It does seem to really accelerate the issue when the connection isn't that good. It requests data, doesn't get anything, and rather than returning 0 or -1, it just freezes. Well, I suppose I know the problem... I just need to wait for someone with more knowledge than myself (sgstair?) to tell me what I can do about this.

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I had good 1.5 minute of audio on the SHOUTcast Distributed Network Audio Server, the first time I tested it. After this some real strange symptoms became popping up all of a sudden. Ah well.. It seems you're not the only one with these problems. Some info:


Nintendo DS Flashme v7

Tested on GBAMP 256mb CF

6 megabit internet connection

Ralink softap, TX Rate set to auto (11mb when testing the radio)


Hope it helps!

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sweet works like a charm here not sure how long it's been playing yet but well over 5 min's still playing ;D got a Passme v7 SCSD 2Gb SD.. Wifi is Asus WGL-167 SoftAP mode ;D


if u want i can capture some wifi data it sends and stuff with Ethereal just give me a pm or msg me on msn.. keep up the great work ;D




was on like 7 mins now it's like 2 mins..

Heres a capture of it open with Ethereal to c it ;D


Download 300Kb

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Maybe you should buffer the data first before playing, I don't really know the problem, but if it is a problem in the transfer (TX rate dropping or s/t), buffering might be a good idea. I will look at the source, tho.


EDIT: I looked at your code and already discovered a buffer function. You could try making the buffer function somewhat more advanced, maybe incorporating the space on a CF-card or something.

I'll do some more test to see what is really the matter :).

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Sorry for another post :).

It seems it is working quite well now for some akward reason... I first thought that it could be problems with the ram of some sort, but that doesn't (I think) seems to be the problem now.

Ah well.. good luck!

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