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MAMEoX128 Plus! v20060505 released


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I do not have account to xbins, so I only uploaded it to the sky tracker.


Well, when I said the "usual place" I meant for you... I meant Sky. I was wondering if the new build with the fixed music playback would be on Sky soon.


Anyway, I don't think it's hard to get emulators submitted to Xbins. +T+ would likely know who to contact since his FBAXXX Pro builds are one Xbins. Also, I'm a mod over at Xbox-Sky so I could try to get it submitted for you... ig you are interested in doing that. I really think you should. We always have people over at X-Scene looking for 128 Plus! because they can't find it. And since it's the best build of MAMEoX available I really think it should be on XBins.

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if you are going to do a fix version can you make it so you can do r-stick l-stick to change screen\titles\flyers while in safe mode? just that 1 thing added to safe mode...nothing else


and the sound fix...


thanx so much man you made mameox so much cooler for kiosk situations! :shootem:


edit : can you tell me how to reduce the entire rom selection window by 1\2 in and move it down 1\4 in ? every time i change the ini it messes up the whole window...seems to be in a million pieces. I want it to fit under the red NEOGeo logo in my pics

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the site hosts downloads that were compiled with illegal xdk/sdk software therefore in the eyes of this site it is warez since they don't don't have microsoft's permission to officially use such software to compile the apps they host.


take xbox-scene for example, you won't find any emu at their site yet they do have a place that rules of such don't really apply (its irc for chirst sake :unsure: )

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Greetings, First things i wanna try was Gain ground and crack down, still loving it. I know there still plenty of other things to bring among mameox stuff but prefering to ask if there's any hopes to see system 24 driver integrate a future release ? How difficult would it be ?

Wish i could be smart enough to do it by myself <_< mff just daydreaming...

Anyway Large Up :P many many thanks for this great update !

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