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MAMEoX128 Plus! v20060505 released


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What's new:



ver 20060505:


This is a fixed version of ver20060412.


1. Changed some malloc function to osd_malloc so if there's not enough memory, the emu will warn you instead of a crash. This fixed some crash when decrypting neogeo roms and the gfx error of Power Instinct 2 and Power Instinct Legends on 64m xbox.


2. Rewrote some neogeo gfx rom decrypting code, so it uses only 2K/8M ram instead of 40M/48M/64M to decrypt. Now on 128M xbox it doesnt need vmm to play kog, lans2004, and the svc bootlegs, and less vm is needed for svcpcb and kf2k3pcb. (On 64m xbox less vm is needed too. Some code is converted from iq_132's FBA code, thanks!)


3. Since some encrypted neogeo games need 8m physical memory to decrypt the gfx rom, if the neogeo game need vmm to play, you have to set the threshold value over 8m, or else you will get a crash. So I added a check in the gfx decrypting code, if virtual memory is used, and the threshold value is below 8m, it will warn you instead of a crash.


Due to these 3 changes/fixes, there shouldnt be any crash playing the neogeo games, even playing the huge encrypted neogeo games on 64m xbox.


3. If virtual memory is not used (which means, 'force vmm' is set to 'no', AND there is no info in vm.txt for the loaded game), then the xxpagefile.sys file wont be created in the cache drive.


4. Enable the patch to bypass the hardware test of Ghouls'n Ghosts which is tooooo slow.


5. Since many ppl never read the readme, and dont know there is an aspect ratio mode option, and then complain why the game is not in full screen, I have to set 'stretch' instead of 'original' as the default setting for aspect ratio mode...


6. Added new neogeo drivers: ms5pcb (Metal Slug 5 (JAMMA PCB)), ms5pcbd (Metal Slug 5 (JAMMA PCB,decrypted V,decrypted C)), svcpcba (SvC Chaos - SNK vs Capcom (JAMMA PCB, set 2)), mslug3b6 (Metal Slug 6 (Metal Slug 3 bootleg))


7. Some skin.ini fixes.


8. MAMEoX.xbe is not packed, so it's a bit large. But this will save some byte of memory. If you want to pack it to save some hd space, just use xbepack to pack it.



ver 20060412:


--updates to the launcher:


1. Supported history.dat and mameinfo.dat file, you can view them in the launcher. Latest version of these two files included. Put them in the general folder.


2. Added code to display ips patch screenshot and the friendly patch name in the dat file of IPS patch. You can use ips reloaded v2 directly (http://mameplus.emu-france.com/)


3. Added flyers, cabinets, and titles support. And added an option in the romlist options page to select use which image (screenshot or flyer or cabinet or title) in the romlist. You can also press right thumb to left or right to change it.


4. Added screensaver image option in the miscoption page, screensaver can use screenshots, flyers, cabinets, titles now. And they are displayed in correct aspect ratio.


5. Added adult game filter mode and non-adult game filter mode. You can set them in the romlist options page, then use black button to switch filter. Note the emu is use the genre in the catver.ini file to see if a game is adult or not, if a game's genre is started with 'Adult' or ended with '*Mature*', them the game will be treated as an adult game. So if you find one adult game is not treated as an adult game, just add it in the catver.ini file. (Latest version of catver.ini included!)


6. Added full screen image mode (while in the romlist and there is an image displayed, press B )


7. Added a simple music player to playback the xbox custom sound track. You can start or end music playing in the misc options page.


8. Added option and shortcut (right thumb) to select using full game name (game name and version) or simple name (game name only)


9. Added safe mode. In this mode, you can only play a game with A button or quit the emu with L+R+black. Set safeMode to 1 in MAMEoX.ini to enable this mode.


10.Now in the help screen, about screen, inputchooser screen, patchchooser screen, skinchooser screen, history screen, mameinfo screen, you can press B to back to romlistscreen.


11.Added show splash screen option in the misc options page. If the emu crashes at the splash screen with some kind of controllers, just disable the splash screen. (In fact it does not 'crash', but wait for no input)


12.Display the xbox memory in the misc options page


13.Added the total game number to simple rom list


14.You can press F5 to refresh the rom list if an usb keyboard is plugged.


15.Removed led color change feature which can make some softmodded xbox crash



--updates to MAMEoX:


1. Automatically detect the xbox memory size and load the correct vm.txt file (vm.txt for 64m xbox and vm_128.txt for 128m xbox), this is usefull for ppl using bios loaders.


2. Fixed dumping driver data very slow if you enable vsync



--updates to MAME core:


1. Updated all cps1, cps2, neogeo, cave, igs_blit, tnzs driver to the latest mame


2. For every encrypted neogeo game, a decrypted set is added. Many romset changed, use the include dat files to audits your roms.


3. Some other additional games: fixeighb, sbishi and etc. See the included SupportedGames.txt file for all supported games.


4. Now compatible with ips reloaded v2 (http://mameplus.emu-france.com/)


5. Added PCM ROM banking to hotgmck, hgkairak and hotgmck3 so the sound works correctly


6. Some seibuspi drivers added (raiden fighters 2), Raiden Fighters 2 - 2000 works the best so it is recommended to play this one. (Note: They do work on 128m xbox, however I have not tested them with real 64m xbox, but have tested them on 128m xbox with 64m bios. So I think they should work on real 64m xbox)


7. Added sound to Batsugun and Knuckle Bash (imperfect)


8. Some playchoice 10 system updates:

* supported the single monitor bios, added option to choose Dual Monitor bios or single monitor bios

* rewrited some code so that if you select single monitor bios, you can play playchoice 10 games in full screen

* fixed Metroid and Baseball Stars: Be a Champ!, they are on playchoice board with more ram.


9. supported uni-bios.22


10.Added "Exit Game" option in the mame ingame menu



--other updates:


1. Updated skins. Use the included skin pls. If you want to use BritneysPAIRS's MAMEoX skin, overwrite the old skin.ini file with the one in "\Skins\MAMEoX by BritneysPAIRS" folder.


2. Dat included. I added save mame listxml file feature to my debug version. So I can simply save the listxml.xml file and convert it to romcenter and clrmame pro dat files with logiqx's DatUtil tool.(Note: The dats are fine, but it seems romcenter have some problem with kf2k3pcb and svcpcb. These two games need sfix.sfx and 000-lo.lo in their zip, but romcenter wont list these two file. These two games are pcb games with their own bioses, so they do not load bioses from neogeo.zip )


3. Some more changes and updates and fixes you may or may not notice :D

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