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Post your desktop: Spring Edition! (56k Warning)


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Easy, they're labelled for starters.

I only have 2 drives, they're just partitioned. Partitions in order as follows....

C-G = Drive 1 (Windows 2002, Windows XP, Apps, Games 1, Games 2) FAT 32

H-M = Drive 2 (H is swap and hidden, Holdings [Temp stuff and downloads saved], ISOs, Music, Movies and Emulation)

I hate messy....

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Here is mine. :)



But why you guys always pick darkness for a wallpaper!?

I like the colors of red with a dash of white!(baseball colors)

I like to feel happy wen i turn my cpu!

I remeber one dude has a raped cartoon on his desktop(lunatic)*_*

But i like dat wallpapaer, it goes with your scheme. :clapping::P

I dont really hav a artistic value on things^^

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