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Those Street Fighter characters are just unlockable playble characters in the upcoming Onimusha game.


Wow! You're right; I recognize a few of those monsters in those screenshots. Those monsters are from Onimusha 3:Demon Siege! ;)

IIRC, those fellows have been in Onimusha since the first game. Nobunaga's Genma army. Well ok, Nobunaga was killed in the end of Onimusha 3, so that other warlord took over.

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They usually don't put SF cameos in their games.


Like, at all. And if they did, they'd obviously use Ryu & Ken or someone from Resident Evil.

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I think the models are pretty cool looking... altho when I saw the thread title was "O_O omg where", ah well.


PS. I think it's officially "Duke Nukem Whenever" at this stage :unsure:


Yep, the player models for all the Onimusha games look impressive! The thread title reminded me of the excitement surrounding Street Fighter 3.


I'm surprised no one called it Duke Nukem NEVER. ;)

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