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  1. Actually, it previously said "actual gameplay footage" and it was edited on that line to what it says currently. Hence my edit above in my reply
  2. I think the 11Mb/s is only a limitation of the B protocol, if you are using G it should be up to 54Mb/s...
  3. Or you could always use a site like DS Play, where you can sign up and meet friends and advertise what things you need/have in your profile.
  4. Ah nicely done... Reason I guessed/asked was cos I do a bit of flash vector art and the shapes in your vector art seemed reminiscent of it
  5. Nice! Looking very promising, and also very nicely edited video. I'm not sure if I fully understand the "note: actual gameplay footage not shown" tho... was that video made from gameplay in the emu and then sped up to ~30fps? Or am I totally off... edit: ah, news seems to have been changed and the change answers my question
  6. Heh, which is handy since every year they can keep saying "this year", makes them look slightly less worse than saying "2003/4/5/6"
  7. So did the codecs work now in MPC? MPC ftw btw
  8. Whoa, I must have totally missed that one then And oh dear at the japan port... I hope that some or any of those problems get resolved...
  9. Yea I saw, I was just trying to reiterate the question in the hopes that someone might decide to help us out hehe...
  10. Happy M3 user here too, homebrew works great on it. Had a passkey but then put on flashme so it's much easier just having the 1 thing sticking out of the DS instead of 2.
  11. Onimusha on PC would be nice, been jealous of PS2 ppl for that one.... altho are you guys saying that capcom didn't do well with it at all in japan?
  12. I think the models are pretty cool looking... altho when I saw the thread title was "O_O omg where", ah well. PS. I think it's officially "Duke Nukem Whenever" at this stage
  13. Some nice pixel art you have there... And your vector art, I'm gonna take a guess at flash, with some trace bitmaps?
  14. Does anyone know what episode of mythbusters they tried that in? I wanna see that...
  15. I'm tempted to try it based on what some people are saying regarding better CSS support, but apparently it's still not fully realised. Firefox it stays then And don't forget it's a _microsoft_ beta, I mean their finished products come with more bugs than would be welcome... imagine the horror of MS betas
  16. Yea, VLC can often play files perfectly when other media players can't... Personally I use MPC with my mkv and ogm files, and can switch nice and easily between audio tracks with a simple right click.
  17. Yea unfortunately you do, I haven't tried much movie watching on it so I'm not sure how long it takes etc... and even with moonshell I'm pretty sure you need to convert to a diff format too...
  18. That looked like a cool project, I meant to post it yesterday: http://zieak.com/projects/nintendo_mouse.htm
  19. http://www.m3adapter.com/Download.htm I'm very happy with my M3-CF, runs nearly all of the homebrew I try (including Win2DS etc). The power on loader thing is basically to add in some code that not all developers put in to allow it to run on the M3 (explicitly turning on the power)
  20. Hehe, that's pretty insane, showed it to a few people and most are just shocked at the distance lol... eat your heart out, Mr. Bond
  21. Fun "facts", but yea would doubt a lot of them, given the way some of them just seem made up, and the uhh... 'flock' one is merely an urban legend.
  22. yikes, that stuff is scary... I don't want one of those chips in me >_<
  23. Excellent stuff, I'm well impressed. Like others, just a teeny bit of trouble with the keyboard.. the keys all light up correctly but its not always sent properly (ie. a password on server of 123, trying to type that in came up with w23 or q23 a lot of the time, even tho the 1 highlighted, same with trying to press L and getting semi-colon). But seriously, great work.... Tip for M3-CF users: after I updated to the latest e15 firmware the DS2Win.nds no longer works for me, but the.ds.gba one works perfectly.
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