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GitS: Stand Alone Complex rules hardcore.


Yes, I agree but it was released in 2002 so it's not likely being shown on TV in Japan any longer! It rules because the same director who worked on the Ghost in the Shell movie also worked on the 26 episodes. :P

Also because Mr. Ghost in the Shell himself worked on it! Go go Shirow and your very attractive women characters!


I recommend Ergo Proxy, only because it uses Paranoid Android as it's opening theme.


I second Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, the tv series. The second season definately outdoes the first, GITS: 2nd GIG. Also 26 eps.


The fact that Yoko Kanno did the music for the series is reason enough to watch. Most of anything she works on is gold... <_<

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This is probably another really old one, but a friend recently got me into Last Exile. I've only watched the first few episodes, but so far it's pretty cool.


And if you're willing to give american comedy cartoons a shot, I've recently discovered that Adult Swim's Venture Brothers is friggin' awesome. The pilot and first few episodes are just alright, but they get really good after that.

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Basilisk - great anime my opinion


Shinobi Heart Under Blade - live action movie of Basilisk great movie


Gantz - loads of cussing, humor, and descent violence


X TV series - not a mature theme but still good


PHantom Masters - an anime move, good to watch


Spriggan - good anime movie


Detonator Orgun - Tekkaman type anime, i say better than Tekkaman but it's only 3 episode


Daphne in the Brilliant Blue - alright anime, worth watching


Shura no Toki - martial arts anime


Bubble Crisis - all of them, chicks in armor suits


Samurai 7 - anime some what based on the original movie way back in the day


Grappler Baki - martial arts anime, ring figthing


Macross Zero - 6 episoce anime, gotta watch this


Casshan: Robot Hunter - remake of the tv series in 1973, good anime, dude becomes a robot to save the human race that has been taken over by robots....The Black King aka BK1


Casshern - live action movie of Casshan, story line is way different


Hokuto No Ken - Fist Of The North Star, all time classic anime you have got to watch this, there is a remake or New Fist Of The North Star only 3 episodes so far, and there is a anime movie but it's more of a recap of the anime and lthe ive action movie made in 1995 which is alright


there is more anime i forgot to mention but i can't think of any right now

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Looks like you need some recommendations too by the looks of that list 2eyez. :)




Vison of Escaflowne

Serial Experiment Lain


Full Metal Panic


Kiddie Grade


Berserk (read the manga)


Wolf's Rain

Macross Plus

Utena (sort of shoujo but I dig it)

Lost Universe

Jin-Roh: Wolf Brigade


And I esecially recommend these two titles...they will blow your mind.



Dead Leaves

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Elfen Lied, just as some people recommended.

Gundam Seed/Destiny (is licensed)

Fafner in the Azrue, I only watched the TV special, quite touching. I'm DLing the tv eps, and I think should be nice, it's a sci-mecha.

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