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  1. Ha ha ha.....she said: "can anyone tell me from where can i download a pc game shaman king? please (i'm new here, my name is Maria and i'm 13 years old........" HA HA HA HA.......13 years old.........and she made a post here
  2. Yes, the same problem here......project justice is not the first game that i made with alcohol......i have other cds that i made last year and i play them in dreamcast......and i,m using the same media - verbatim......the only difference for me is that the old ones that are playable in dreamcast were made choosing in alcohol dao/sao and this one new was made choosing raw/dao...other diferences i don't see........only this: i have another optical drive.......and maybe another new version of alcohol........but you can consider those the answer to the problem....... I will check that guide to....
  3. GREAT TOPIC!!!!!! I have some problems with 2 games that i burnt 2 days ago: 1.Project justice - selfboot, cdi format. I made a copy and tried many times in dreamcast.....it's not working....the image of the game and the cd that i made are good......they are playable in chankast both.... 2. Fur fighters - selfboot, cue+ bin format. Made this one to..... but he is beeing seen my dreamcast as a music cd. In chankast is the same.....it's like a cd with music tracks or something.......How do i burn cue+bin images?.....i only had cdi,nrg,mds images till now
  4. Got this two programs...but to use PsxMC i need to go in option and set the drive to use. I don,t have a Cd-rom i use daemon tools 3.47 because all my psx games are images....In PsxMc menu i have 2 options: 1.Open and analize cdrom (i cant use it because psxmc dont reconize the virtual cdrom drive daemon makes) 2.Open witch gives me also an error (something like "plugin witch can process file is undetectable") after i select a psx file(str, mov, xa) from the virtual drive Psmplay also gives me the eror "not suported format" Whats wrong here? This programs dont see daemon tools? i remember that some tome ago when i was using psxmc i had the same daemon tools
  5. I'm looking for that program that can save videos and audio from psx games(cds or iso) I forgot his name....O, and also you have the option to save images
  6. A long time ago i found on this forum a cool site that had the bigest number of ips patches for neogeo roms.For every rom they had the patches for the files needed in many forms.I know it helped me alot,i changed the crc's in many rare games in that time.I was doing that for the ekmame emulator that it was the best for me that time.Anyone knows the site?Or other sites are welcome.I need some patches for kof2003,ss5,svc that i want to moved them from ekmame to mame plus
  7. King of fighters 96,97,2000 Samurai shodown 2,3,5 Metal slug all of them(especially 3) Top hunter Sengoku 3 Snk vs Capcom Fatal Fury 3 The last blade 1,2 World heroes perfect Real bout Garou Pulstar
  8. Hey,this is cool realy......I,m using mame for years and never look in this option.Shame of me......Thanks for your advice
  9. What means this?I never was interesed.This the option when you input conbinations of buttons?Ex: A+B,B+C,A+B+C,etc.....I need this option,but in general this option was on kailera versions(like mame 32k 0.64 or 0.67).In present i,m using mame plus or ekmame ,but in buttons menu you have only the "custom" option.Sure for capcom or neogeo games i can use nebula and there you can make combinations whit buttons.But many clasic beat em ups in mame have a special move wich is done with the 2 buttons that game uses pressed together.In kaillera versions of mame you can use this after you edit the A+B in buttons menu.How can i do that in mame plus?
  10. Ok,I like Fraps registered,but it still has limitations.It only works with Project64.No Fusion,Jnes,Gens,or Zsnes,nebula
  11. Any ideas how can i record my playing in video(avi,wmv,etc) format?And of course to watch them lately with a video player.I want to do that with the roms and isos from almost every console(Nes,Snes,Genesis,Nntendo 64,psx).With nes roms i remember there is a an emulator(forget the name,but i will find) that records directly to avi.Also Mame has this option but it doesn't work well.But this is just Nes and Arcades.How about the others?Any sugestions?
  12. I,m using Project64.and some games require controller pak.For exemple Mario kart.And many others.What controller plugin should i use to get the controller pak i need?I,m using jabo 1.6,for mario kart
  13. I can,t play this game on epsxe or pseven.i checked ngemu and it,s not on the compatibility list.Does anyone played the psx version?
  14. Ad to the list Berserk Old but good
  15. When they will be dumped and ready to be played on emulators?
  16. is this feature working right?What mame version is the best in recording to avi formats
  17. How would i know it's not a clone?I'm talking about dms4 or modbo. and you are right about swap
  18. MODBO 2.1 says a guy i meet last day that is good.What modchip have you guys?
  19. I,m asking because i want to get one.My ps2 is not chipped.I searched the net and i saw many.Some guys i know are using MYTH, MATRIX,DMS4? What's the best.Or Swap magic?I have Scph-75004 ps2 version
  20. Are there controllers for left-handed persons.My friend is lefthanded and he can,t play easy on a normal controller
  21. Is this good for playing games that i played with a geforce 4?is this his equivalent with a geforce 4 or above?
  22. Because i grew up with turtles and other series (batman,conan,gargoyles,pirates of dark water and many more).But the first and a huge impact at the beginning:Turtles.And because i have all the other Turtles cartoons,but never find this on the net(I found something on Emule but with incomplete souces)
  23. Has enyone seen this? Anime Turtles.It is also named "Mutant Turtles:Choujin Densetsu-hen"
  24. Now i,m sick of it.my brother want's to play "return to castle wolfenstein" and gives me this erorr "can't open GLW_StartOpenGL()".i'm having geforce2 and windows xp.i tried some patches but nothing.on windows 98 there where no troubles(i was playing this game some time ago when i used 98).what's my problem?
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