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DS chat program Released (source too)


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Hey, you're stirring something up on the nintendo forums.


Don't worry, I've given them an explanation on to what it is. (I'm Knuxtheechidna on the board) Anyways, Bafio it'd be cool if you actually went onto the thread at Nintendo and shocked them with actually talking to the author.

What a joke.

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Im having some serious problems getting this to work :(


I have run the wifitransfer to get the "settings" file but what/where is it saved ?


i do get wifitransfer to work but i can´t start the file it sais it downloads it but its not on the card so I can´t start it :)


Well maby its something with the fat-driver :clapping:


Im using M3SD btw

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Hi! I've been offline for a while,


but I have been working quite a lot on this. I've already improved graphics, drawing, and message sending and receiving. Once I will be able to test it a bit and finish the upper screen with a user list there will be a first beta (hopefully working) version. I want to be sure to fix and have some testing, but I'm hopefull it won't bee too long (this or next week).


To avoid problems with flash cards/m3 fat drivers, all connection settings will be the ones of the firmware (so you will have to set them up first with an online game) and possibly the rest will be on the server.





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Ill be good when this program has REAL functionality!!


Actually, chat is working now, but there are still many bugs to fix plus some features to add. Before releasing I wanted some more bug testing, but at this point I think I'll try put it out later today

I hope I don't get too many complaits...



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