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Im not giving yuu any links just help of how to search for the bios


1. Google and try different key words and you could find it...


2. Try using P2P such a kazaa, Dc++ limewire or whatever


3. The easiest way is probably through bittorrent


Just write in either google or bittorrent tracker pages "Psx bios" or whatever and there is a 99% chance that you shall find what you are looking for.


I found PSX bios through google so its not impossible remeber that also russian and South american laws differ from EU and USA rulez.


No please STOP ASKING for BIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

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Is it really a good idea to use that bios though? I know it's being used in an emulator, but I'm sure that Sony implemented added protections in the PSOne. Are they completely ignored by emulators, or does it actually pose a problem?

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When i start a game with Epsxe how come the Sony logo doesnt appear?..

Te one that it's shown when you do run --> bios in Epsxe ?

It is normal that the Sony logo doesn't show during boot.


If you really want to see it, you have to start ePSXe with Epsxe.exe -slowboot (put the switch in a new shortcut so it's easier to work with).

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Either Click on Start --> Run, find the ePSXe executable and the type -slowboot after the full full path, like "C:\Games\ePSXe\Epsxe.exe" -slowboot


Then press OK.



Or create a new shortcut for ePSXe, then edit its properties and add -slowboot to the Target line, like C:\Somethinghere\Epsxe.exe -slowboot

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