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Putting together separate rar files?

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screw those clients!


I recommend µTorrent (it's not uTorrent, it's µTorrent!)


it's very lite, doesn't use an installer, and it's just as good as Bit Comet (w/out the bug); very widely supported too :lol:

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BitComet is a Bit Torrent client. Many sites have banned BitComet recently due to a major bug.

Just what exactly is that major bug? I've been wondering about that for the longest time.

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The bug is BitComet's ignorance of the privacy flag.


What it means is that let's say a tracker site releases a torrent, and they only want that torrent used with their tracker, they set on the privacy flag. That stops operators of a rival tracker from stealing the torrent and using it as their own. It also stops non-members leaching off the legitimate torrent. BitComet ignores all that.



The problem with non-members is that the tracker doesn't credit you if you allow uploads to a non-member. So I had to kick and ban any BitComet 0.59/0.60 users. Not all clients allow banning, luckily Azureus does. Now it doesn't matter, because the tracker has been modified to ban them.

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should i be an ass and use bitcomet for those torrents i really want that are on private trackers with no sign up?

Well, that's entirely up to you. I use BitComet the most, but if a tracker blocks it, I switch to ABC.

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