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eXclusive: Guess what it is, the new in Emulation!

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A friend of mine on IRC has been working on a special project related to emulation. I'd have to say it's pretty damn cool and we're going to let you try to figure out what exactly he's doing that has never been done before!







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with a good frame rate speed?

The frame speed is nothing faster than what we have max'ed out currently with a PS2 Emulator.

Think harder!!! HARDER!! :thumbsup1:


So it isnt a ps2 emulator then or are you tryin to be tricky?

The example is based on a Playstation 2 Emulator.


A graphics plugin for a ps2 emulator?

We already have a graphics plugin.

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Well here's my crazy theory


okay it has to be a ps2 emulator my guess would be he used the pcsx2 source and he manage to get it to be runned on a o/s for the psp and he now pcsx2 works on it

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