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  1. its all PS2 related, a couple of you were along the right lines, but not right i dont want to give too much more away.
  2. well i can tell you now, the emulator its on is PCSX2 playing PS2 games (obviously) and the graphics plugin is GSDX9, keep guessing
  3. hey thats cool!! i cant wait to get one, they look awsome! and im fed up with the normal GBA not having a backlit screen!
  4. Hey thanks very much wasnt really expecting it haha. ill do another version at some point where i sound happier Thanks again!
  5. *looks up statistic* hmm... yep. 80%, it says so in the encyclopedia. *bows head in shame* so much prejudice in the world im not prejudice about it, its just a fact, i lived in london for 2 years where the asians outnumber the white people, i knew about 3 people have accidents with asian people, not one of them that hit the ppl i knew was driving legally. plus you watch how some of them drive, its quite disgusting. altho im not ruling out white people as bad drivers, there are some goddamn bad ones out there, mostley women ;p (now thats prejudice)
  6. In england Asian people are terrible drivers.... In fact... about 80% of them dont even have a license or insurance.
  7. heres my entry, altho i will redo the voices again becuase basically i dont sound very excited about the fact, infact, i sound like a dick kind of a trancey one... emulationintro.mp3
  8. well asadr got disconnected after his initial part of the interview and the noise was still there, so it couldnt have been him but i suggest miskie checks the quality of his cables, its amazing how much analogue cabling can lower the quality of sound.
  9. I gave it grade C as it was average overall its a good concept and was nice having authors on the show etc, the content was almost there, just it was poorly executed and miskie needs to sort out his setup to get rid of the noise, plus sort all the levels out
  10. miskie after reading the setup you had there im not suprised there was so much background noise!!! what quality are the cables/soundcards you were using? it would be much better if you could just get it all running from the one pc, i dont see why it couldnt handle doing shoutcast server, chat programs and recording all at once, plus it will cut down the noise as theres no extra cables! oh and im glad you turned off msn sounds, but can you turn windows sounds off as well? lol
  11. that shouldnt be a problem, the show is going to be broadcast in OGG format, which allows people to listen even on 56k in a very reasonable quality i think the speed is going to be about 5k/sec per user, altho they may provide 2 different bitrates, but i havent asked gamecop that
  12. ave ive said in this thread http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...view=getnewpost email striaght from sega to the cassini team states that all copyrights are held by SEGA Japan. just a waiting game now till they get a response from them.
  13. well it seems Girigiri IS copyrighted, despite all the attempts to get round and say it isnt the guys from cassini team posted this on their site Original link HERE
  14. actually there is no right or wrong with emulators, its a very grey area where law is concerned, the only copyrights that exist is that you cannot copy the software, it doesnt actually say it must be run on the original hardware. with the less mumbo jumbo, i think theyre trying to say its ok as long as you pay for the games like you should, altho i imagine they would prefer you to buy the original system too. but i think they realise that its not very possible to make an emulator run as good as the original system before it is obsolete, so the original hardware will rule the roost as long as it needs to.
  15. I shall provide these in a simple form for the cassini team to respond. 1. What changes have been made since you aquired GiriGiri (in reasonable detail eg Changes Log)? 2. Are you going to attempt to get the original source off sega (if they allow you to continue) to make your life easier? 3. What are the TRUE facts about this emulator and your work? 40% changed doesnt seem plausable, compressing the exe does not constitute as an update. i think thats pretty much all the questions people wish to know the answer for.
  16. Xeon is correct Abandonware is illegal, sites like the-underdogs contact the original authors requesting permission to distribute the games for free, some say yes, some say no. I remember when i use to get abandoned amiga games i emails the site author about a game he didnt have and he said "altho the game is no longer on sale the authors do not want me to distribute this game" and thanatozz, nobody hates the saturn or the emulation, authors of emulators are very respected for their work they have put in, but the Cassini developers didnt make the emulator, at most they merely modified the exe, the emulator was created by the girigiri team so there was no real advancement in the emulation of the system, we're still at square 1. There are a few saturn emulators out there in development that support quite a few games and are very highly looked upon by the emulation community because they programmed it from scratch, their own work. The community is not mearly picking on someone because they feel like it. If sega say everything is ok for them to go ahead with it i will support the efforts at modifying it, as they may actually have the source to work with, but until then i view this as an unauthorised illegal hack.
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