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A working Saturn emulator hits the scene !!


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Hello friends of emugameing!


A dream has, most likely, become true.

A hacked version of the commercial Saturn emulator CYBERDISC

(http://cyberdisc.zaq.ne.jp) which is based on girigiri has appeared

in the emu scene. The guy who supposedly hacked it, is named Gavionne.

I got my hands on the file, but as i am at work now, i cant check it.

Maybe this is a late April fools day joke, but my researches revealed some backgrounds on this, the contents of the ZIP look promising too.


A german emunews about girigiri-av :

Click Here


Stay tuned !



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Its a great emu, it really is advanced compaired to most saturn emus that are/have been out. Some games run perfect on my 1.4 duron, but others like VF2 & Fighters Megamix are very slow once past the menus.


Can't wait to see a future release!


Oh, this is also my 1st post here, so HI@everyone, esp the A@H guys!

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